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Now I know what I want to be when I grow up

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

If you'd have told me 6 months ago that in the middle of this pandemic I'd have started my own business and would be sitting here writing a blog I'd have laughed and said 'Yeah, I'd love to do that, but this is not the right time!'. And yet here I am, sitting at my kitchen table, having started my own business and writing my very first blog post whilst on the verge of a local lockdown! And I'm loving it. Because now I'm finally doing something that I'm passionate about.

I was made redundant because of Covid-19 but I amazed myself by seeing it is an opportunity instead of something negative. I'd been talking about doing something to do with interiors for a couple of years but as I'm generally risk-averse, I couldn't see any kind of circumstance where this would become a reality. Cue a worldwide pandemic and a massively talented and supportive better half, and here I am.

Clutter is the enemy was born from my passion for interiors and my love of helping people. I was also getting increasingly frustrated at the state of estate agent photographs. Home staging is the norm in the US and Australia, so why isn't it here? Your home is your biggest investment, so why shouldn't you get the best possible return on it? The only way of doing this is by properly staging your home. But what does home staging mean? Stick with me, and I'll explain what it is and why everyone should do it as a matter of course.

Thanks for joining me, I look forward to our journey together.

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