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For my decluttering clients, their surroundings are usually directly linked to emotional, physical and mental health issues and I take them on a journey to reset their narrative and give them a fresh start. The feeling of overwhelm from living with clutter is crushing, but I work alongside my clients to release them from this feeling and help them take back control of their homes and their lives.


Decluttering doesn't mean getting rid of everything you own and leaving you with an empty house, it just means allowing you and your space to breathe. It's a journey, an emotional rollercoaster, and I will be on hand to guide you through it.


Recognising you have an issue is the first step to doing something about it, so well done for taking that first step. Following it through will be difficult because you are probably feeling overwhelmed by whatever is going on in your life that has led you to this, but please know that I am here to give you a helping hand. I am not here to judge, I am here to listen and guide you to action.


This process can begin with a text conversation, or a phone call. I will then follow that up with a consultation in your home to assess your situation, but only when you are ready. I will then roll up my sleeves and help with the decluttering itself. It would be difficult to embark on this journey by yourself, but you can do it if someone walks alongside you. I'm a great listener, really easy to talk to, and we'll have some laughs along the way.

I am invested in using my skills to make your home a better place, one room at a time, so that your home environment has a positive effect on your mental health.

Angela kitchen before.jpg
Angela kitchen after.jpg
Angela lounge before.jpg
Angela lounge after.jpg

Empathic interior design

My interior design clients are often stuck in decorating limbo. They are often paralysed by the fear of getting it wrong. Or maybe they know that they will never agree with their partner so they just don't do anything. I offer my clients affordable empathic interior design services to help them create a home that represents who they are, a home that functions correctly, and a home that makes them feel how they want to feel.

Your home should be a reflection of you. The problem is, injecting your personality into the space around you is not an easy task for a lot of people. And that's where I come in: I have the vision so that you don't have to.

Many people are under the impression that interior design services are expensive. They don't have to be. I make sure that my home decor services are affordable because I believe that everyone should be able to create a beautiful home.


It may be that you just need some help adding some colour into a room, or that you want to change the layout of a room but don't know where to start. Maybe you have a room that just doesn't work and you can't work out why. Whatever the issue, I'll help you overcome it.


I will provide floorplan layouts, moodboards for colour, texture and furniture/soft furnishing ideas, and even a 3D rendering of the new design to help you visualise it. I can also supply suggestions for where to buy what you need, and I can even do the shopping for you.

Your home is usually the biggest investment you make, so keeping it in good shape will stand you in good stead for the future.

Your home should also make you happy, so if it doesn't we need to assess why, and make it work harder.

Chair and fireplace 1.JPG
Chair and fireplace 2_edited.jpg

Colour consultation

Julie hallway stairs before.jpg
Julie hallway stairs after_edited.jpg

Do neutrals (black/white/grey/beige) make you feel safe? Would you like to be a little bolder but don't know where to start? Does choosing paint colours give you nightmares?  You're not on your own.

There are so many factors that mean a certain colour will/won't work in a room and I will make it easier for your to understand why. Colour is not the enemy. You just have to know how to use it.

I will discuss colour ideas and combinations for your room(s) of choice with the aim of deciding on a colour palette that suits you, your style, and your home.

Home staging

My home staging clients are often stuck with houses that won't sell because they can't see them objectively. Sometimes there has been a relationship breakdown and the negativity from that can be seen and felt in the house. Other times the house just needs a bit of TLC but owners are reticent to do work and spend money when they are trying to sell it. Either way, my job is to inject positivity and love back into the house and dress it so that it appeals to their target audience.


If you are thinking of selling your home then you need to present it at its best so that you can maximise the return on your investment and sell it as quickly as possible. In this buoyant market, you could even have a bidding war on your hands.

When staging or dressing a house for sale, too much of the owner's personality can be off-putting. A fresh, impartial pair of eyes is useful to identify the stand-out features of each room. Once you've decided to sell your house you may only see the negatives, whereas I will see the positives. We need to stage your home with potential buyers in mind so that they can visualise living in your home.

Decluttering and staging are key before any photos are taken. Property photographers will not always advise you to remove any excess furniture or tidy anything away before the photos are taken. It is my role to look at each room impartially and arrange it so that it appeals to a maximum number of potential buyers and that may mean changing the layout or swapping items of furniture with another room. In this day and age potential vendors will swipe straight past any potential issues and discount your house just because of the colour of a wall, or a perceived lack of storage, or because it's unclear what the function of each room is.

By staging your home you are selling the dream and encouraging people to set foot through the door. I will give you an easy-to-follow project plan that will give you focus, structure, and deadlines to get to where you need to be and, ultimately, to sell your home. I will also work with your estate agent's photographer to make sure that the house is shown in its best light. In this swipe society it is essential to get the photos right first time as it could be the difference between selling your house or not.

From front door before.jpg
From front door after.jpg
Julia attic bedroom before.jpg
Julia attic bedroom after.jpg

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