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"I was having panic attacks the night before you came. I didn't want to let anyone in my home because the mess was that bad.
After the first day I say progress. I didn't think it could get back to being clean. Now it's wow! I have my kitchen/lounge back. It was amazing to see worktop space and floor space.
I am so relieved that I can see my kitchen and the stress relief it has given me.
My daughter was pleased you were helping with the house as she was fed up of seeing it and having nowhere to put anything.
She's now got the bug to carry on cleaning and doing more of the house.
My son knew the house needed sorting out for a long time but was too depressed as he just didn't know where to start. Once the work started he was surprised how quickly it started to get tidy. His is so pleased with the outcome and now tries to keep it tidy."


"Thank you for going above and beyond and helping me the create the lounge I've always wanted.
Every year for 8 years I'd been promising myself "This year I WILL do the living room!" and yet I couldn't get past the first 2 hurdles of "what colour should I use?" and "how can I work in the room and still make it a lovely living area?"
Within two weeks those hurdles were behind me... I can't believe how easy Rachel made it!
The room is now both the perfect living area and the perfect workspace for me. I absolutely love it!
She's friendly, approachable and will help you have challenging discussions with partners resistant to change.
I will definitely be using her services in the future as I renovate other rooms in the house."


“Rachel came in to help us stage our home so we could reach the potential buyers we knew were out there.
It's so easy to go blind to your own accumulated stuff! I was sceptical at first, but Rachel was so non-judgemental that I felt I met a life-long friend very early on.
It was a difficult time for me personally, selling our family home after the breakdown of my marriage, but Rachel gave me focus, tackled the things I was too scared to address and just really helped.
I would 100 percent recommend her -whether you need help selling your home or just organising your life -  Rachel's vision and down to earth support will absolutely make all the difference.
Don't be scared to reach out to her. She's got your back!”


“I contacted Rachel about decluttering my loft which was full to the rafters! Rachel explained how she could help, was very supportive, worked extremely hard and challenged me about some things that I was wavering about letting go. She took lots of boxes away to my chosen charity shop. Would definitely recommend."


"Excellent service. Rachel is warm and friendly and I was pleased to welcome her into my home. She is helpful and has great ideas. She helped me to transform my home, working with me to be a little bolder. My hallway in particular is stunning. A complete change in colour I would never have picked by myself.
You spend a lot of time in your home and decorating is not cheap so a little bit extra for her expert advice is well worth it."


“Rachel help me to declutter the bedroom for my son who is autistic. The room had got out of control and Rachel worked with him to organise it in a way that was logical and worked for him. She was very patient and understanding and I can't believe how much we achieved in half a day. Thank you!”
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