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Q&A with a woman making time for herself for a change

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

This week a house sold that I had dressed for a local business woman who is a big part of the local community. She had been thinking about moving for a few years but when both her and her husband got a bad case of Covid-19 it made them re-evaluate their lives and they decided to take the plunge.

Here's a quick Q&A about her experience of working with me.

Rachel: How did you feel after contacting me to dress your home?

Julia: I'd heard about home staging and I felt like I needed some guidance to make the most of my home.

Rachel: How did you feel during the process? Julia: I felt like I was getting just the guidance I needed. Even my husband commented that having you to stage the house was a no-brainer.

Rachel: What about afterwards? Julia: I felt the house was decluttered and I understood how to make my house look more attractive.

Rachel: What did I do that you couldn't have done yourself?

Julia: You were a fresh pair of eyes whereas I see the house every day so stop noticing things. Rachel: Would you recommend home staging to other vendors? Julia: Yes, because it works! You have a great creative eye for detail and a flare for making the most out of the space with the things I already had.

Now Julia's house has sold she is free to take her life in a different direction. Having the power to help shape people's next steps is one of the reasons I really love my job!

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