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What does your front door colour say about you?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

So if it ever gets constantly above 10 degrees (currently sitting with a Granny blanket on my lap writing this!), you'll find me painting my front door. When we first moved in it was dark green on the outside and yellow on the inside (Newsflash: no-one says you have to have the same colour on both sides. Now that you can paint uPVC you can literally do what you want with your doors). At 9 months pregnant and having been at home for two weeks I decided I couldn't look at the yellow a minute longer and painted it a calming sage green on both sides. Fast forward 7 years and now it needs a refresh both inside and out.

I chose sage green at the time because it was a calm colour and it was a direct reaction to the yellow. It also looked nice with the red brick and seemed to be in keeping with the age of the house (1920s), my lounge at the time was also a similar colour.

This time I'm going teal and this is why:

a) because it's more me - the sage green was always too safe, I need something a bit bolder that reflects my personality

b) because the rest of my downstairs is blues and greens so it will announce what is to come

c) because I go past a door on the school run every day that is teal and it makes my heart sing

d) because I've got some paint left over from upcycling a freestanding kitchen unit.

All very good reasons.

How do you decide what colour to paint your front door?

Rule number one is always choose something that makes you happy, but also look at the age, style, and materials of your house. You will find that whatever you base your decision on, you will naturally gravitate towards colours that suit your personality: just in the street close to me we have pale lilac, grey, purple, black, blue, green, and yellow front doors, and I have to say that you can match the colour of the door to the houses' inhabitants.

So, what does your front door colour say about you?

BLACK - probably one of the most popular colours, and one of the safest, therefore you might be quite serious in your outlook on life. Black indicates power, authority, sophistication and wealth (hence the chosen colour for No. 10 - although the sophistication bit seems to have gone out the window with Boris!). It also indicates simplicity and elegance - which means you have headspace to concentrate on other things in life.

WHITE - another safe option and signifies a clean and well-organised interior. There are probably no dramas in your house.

BROWN/NATURAL WOOD - you are warm, stable and reliable and enjoy a private, quiet life. Everyone is given a warm welcome and you are generous and down to earth.

GREY - you are smart and sophisticated and prepared to compromise. Your home is stylish, possibly minimalist, and you keep up with trends and enjoy the finer things in life.

BLUE - another popular choice and apparently a good one if you're considering selling. It indicates serenity and calm and that your house is a place of refuge.

Light blue - you are calm, relaxed and well-grounded. Your home is a peaceful place.

Dark blue - more traditional, family orientated, and caring

GREEN - a colour obviously connected to nature and therefore choosing green means that you prefer to blend in, rather than stand out. You have traditional values, care about the environment, and constantly strive to better yourself and your family.

RED - makes a statement and obviously not one for the faint-hearted. Choosing red means you are passionate, energetic, and driven and you like to entertain and are a great host.

YELLOW - the original positive, fun colour. You are friendly and welcoming, therefore a great host and you are an eternal optimist.

ORANGE - a bold choice and indicates that you are social butterfly and enjoy a challenge. Your house is warm and inviting and your guests will be well fed.

PINK - becoming a popular choice and indicates that you are outgoing, verging on the edge of outrageous/mischievous.

PURPLE - another bold choice and indicates that you are creative and open-minded. It indicates wealth but not necessarily in monetary terms; you are rich in your quality of life and well-being.

So, what does your front door colour say about you? Do you agree? Let me know in the comments!

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