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What exactly is home staging?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Home staging is dressing/presenting your home to show off all its best features so that it will appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

When the competition is as fierce as it is at the moment then you need your house to stand out for the right reasons. If your home is staged well and the photos are great then people will stop on your photos and not swipe on past because they don't like your wallpaper/paint choice/sofa/apparent lack of storage/overgrown garden. Only then will they read the description, and then hopefully arrange a viewing.

Home staging is commonplace in the US and Australia but not in the UK and certainly not in West Yorkshire. Why not? Because no-one offers this service and if people are aware of it they probably think it will be expensive. It isn't (have a look at my pricing page for a quick overview of costs). My mission is to make this service available to hard-working people who are short of time and/or energy.

So can you stage your home yourself? Of course you can. Can you do it objectively? Probably not.

Staging doesn't just mean making the beds nicely (although that definitely helps! One of my pet hates on property photos is unmade beds or beds covered in teddies!) or setting the table. Staging involves looking at each space objectively and dressing it accordingly.

Objectivity is the key word in home staging. It's your house and you've lived in it the way it is because that is what has worked for you, and that's fine. But you're not going to be living it anymore so you have to take yourself out of the equation and that is what is so difficult to do. That is why you need a pair of objective eyes from someone who has vision.

Vision - another massively important word. Because I have vision, I always just assumed that everyone has it too. They don't. When you decide to sell your house you've already disassociated yourself from it and it reverts from being a home to a house and this can show in how it is presented. It often doesn't look its best because you've lost interest in it.

This is where I come in. I'm here to help you sell the dream, not just a house. I will inject life, positivity and personality back into your home. You want your buyers to imagine themselves living there, you want them to be able to see where they would put their furniture. You want them to come back for a second viewing, or just put an offer in. Ideally, you want several people to put an offer in and start a bidding war because your house is so great and everyone wants it!

Anything is possible with a few hours of hard work and the vision to see it through. Home staging doesn't cost the earth - it can cost as little as £95 - and it's a clear case of speculating to accumulate. If you spend time and a couple of hundred pounds on your house to stage it properly, the chances are you will sell it quicker and you will command a higher price. That's got to be worth it.

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